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Congratulations on your decision to become an Agency for Exclusive Hydraulics & Engineering (Pty) Ltd, (here-after referred to as EHE)

  •  25 Years of experience
  • Head office in Boksburg, Gauteng
  • Level 2 BEE contributor
  • Trustworthy and reputable
  • Great turn-around time
  • Excellent product knowledge
  • Quality and affordable repairs & supplies
  • Wide range of repairs, supplies and services covering a broad spectrum of the industry
  • Well known in the industry
  • Excellent sales experience
  • 24/7 service
  • Guaranteed services – 6 months or 1000 hours


What’s In it for You

  • You can provide a wider range of services to your customers
  • Grow a business within your own business
  • Determining your own mark-ups with guidance from EHE
  • Improve turn-around time to your customer by outsourcing to a larger, reputable workshop
  • Sharing of current vendor numbers amongst various agencies
  • Use of BEE Level 2 certification of EHE
  • Opportunity to receive referrals from EHE if an enquiry falls within your area, dependant on your available facilities
  • Back-up of the EHE guarantee for quality workmanship
  • Listing of your Agency location on the EHE website
  • Approval to list your Agency Certification on your website and display in your office
  • Assistance with the design of marketing brochures as per pre-determined guidelines from EHE
  • Agencies are not transferrable, but you can negotiate to have your own sub-agencies



  • An initial two-year agreement, renewable after review of favourable results and upon approval from EHE management
  • Sole agency between you as Agency and EHE. The use of other suppliers is negotiable and with written approval from EHE as and when required
  • Fixed pre-determined and agreed area of operation. EHE is committed to not sell another agency in your territory
  • EHE, being a Level 2 BEE contributor will make available their vendor numbers for use in your area
  • Free technical support and sales training as and when required by you and your team for the initial 3 months
  • As part of the Agent agency agreement, EHE will undertake not to market or sell to your customers known to EHE – except on social media (Google AdWords, Facebook & LinkedIN etc) where the reach is outside of our control
  • Enquiries received through social media will be referred to the relevant area Agency, applicable to your line of business and charged a referral fee
  • Terms and conditions of sale will be provided by EHE to pass on to your customer during each sale
  • EHE will retain their current customers in your area



  • Complete the below Agency request form
  • You will receive a call from an EHE representative to set up a telephonic interview with you.
  • You will then receive a link to complete the full application online
  • After a successful interview was conducted, a meeting will be arranged with the representative who will perform an audit on your company
  • The management of your company as well as EHE will sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • The representative from EHE will audit your business to determine whether you will be a good fit to act as Agency
  • Once vetted and approved, you and EHE management will sign the Agent agency agreement for you to become part of a growing, successful company.
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